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Electronic, Dance, House, Techno, Electro

Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chill Out, Lounge, Abstract Beats

Ambient, New Composers, Soundtracks, Drone, Loops, Atmospheric
Experimental, Noise
Trance, PsyTrance
Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, 2-Step

Indie Rock, Electroclash, 80s, Alternative, Punk

Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock
Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock


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DRUM N BASS The Drum n Bass, Break Beat, 2-Step, Jungle...

This 10" EP record defies category, crossing into Experimental, lo-fi Trip Hop, Noise and Drum & Bass. Krishna is a dynamic group... (more...)
Erratic Orbit Buy 10" Vinyl: $5.99
Hey Bubside
Weird Uncle Betty
Weird Uncle Betty's enigmatic electronica sound combines deep pulsing beats with fun one liners-like a dirty joke that grooves. This young Italian artist enjoys growing fame in Europe ........ (more...)
Wet n Shiny Buy! CD: $14.99
The Intruder

LIN - La Folie
Get ready: LIN's electropop whirlwind can drive you wild - the insightful, upbeat lyrics of MC UBQT and the haunting allure of female vocalist June offer a get-up-and-move album... (more...)
Crowd Non-Pleasers Buy CD: $14.99
Are You Feelin' This



The Planetary Commission Meet The Planetary Commission
A seemless blend of Space Rock and Abstract Beats with occasional well-placed samples from anthropoloogical field recordings and 1970s lounge records. Experimental chill out music that grooves... (more...)
$.99 Earthtones Buy! CD: $9.99
$.99 Universal Remote

The Planetary Commission PlanCom, Inc.
$.99 It Is Now Safe To Turn Off Your Computer Buy! CD: $9.99
$.99 What If You're The Sick Passenger
You Are Sleeping
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DJ Noah Sussman & SuperG
DJ Noah mixes sounds from Drum & Bass to R&B, while SuperG puts a perfectly good guitar through a loop of spacey effects....  (more...)
Warp Buy! CD: $9.99

Roni Size - Reprazent
Classic Drum & Bass beats with melodies and a sometimes jazzy flavor... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Muziq - Brace Yourself
Nice Drum & Bass with breakbeats and turntablism thrown in for good measure... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Incedible Sound of Drum n Bass Mixed by Goldie -- takes you on a history lesson of Drum n Bass, taught by the master. (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass
Coded Language -- nice and energetic Drum n Bass (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass
The new album... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Energetic Drum & Bass. My Red Hot Car... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass


Technical Itch
Itchy and scratchy... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Keoki - DJMixed.com
Great mixes from this Moonshine artist. Click here for all of Keoki's releases (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Omni Trio - Music For The Next Millenium
This classic album delivers on its title, sounding as current today as it did 5 years ago... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

MJ Cole
Smooth 2-Step... (more...) (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass


Tim Love Lee
San Francisco's 2-Step mixmaster... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass


DJ Cam
Dark Drum n Bass... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Fast beats and nice breaks.. (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

LTJ Bukem
Soothing backgrounds to fast beats and MC Conrad's voice. Drum n bass lite? Classic album... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

  Source Direct
Mechanical sounds to powerful beats. Great D&B tracks... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

Breakbeat Era
A side project of Roni Size with lush vocals and live drums and bass... (Music...)
RealOne SuperPass

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