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Electronic, Dance, DJ, I.D.M., Intelligent Dance Music, Dance, House, Techno, Electro, Crunk, Deep House, Glitch

Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chill Out, Lounge, Abstract Beats, Glitch Hop

Ambient, Soundtrack, Drone, Loop, Atmospheric
Experimental, Noise
Trance, PsyTrance, Goa
Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, 2-Step

Indie Rock, Electroclash, 80s, Alternative, Punk, Underground, Hipster

Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock
Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock


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SuperGenius Records
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You've made the right choice for music for your project. Supergenius artists are perfectly suited for soundtracks, TV and internet. We'll work with your budget and artistic vision to provide the sound you need to get your project moving.

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SuperGenius Records
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New York, NY 10021

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We welcome businesses, agencies and investors who are interested in becoming SuperGenius Records partners. Contact us.

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About SuperGenius Records
SuperGenius Records is a Musicians' Collective
Formed in 1999, SuperGenius Records is a musicians' collective. We are musicians and artists just like you who are creating a central location where other like-minded musicians can sell their CDs and MP3s to a targeted audience of music fans. SuperGenius Records provides a forum where the music is the focus. Your goal is also our goal: to bring good music to new ears. Through niche marketing and strategic partnerships we help you bring your music to a growing base of listeners.

Our goal is to provide an online source for fans to explore all forms of Electronic and Experimental music. We are capturing the essence of local scenes of a global style of music and providing a central location where this music can be heard and purchased. Although our focus is underground and electronic styles, we are not limited to these genres. Eventually we will provide all types of music, especially the hard-to-find genres.

SuperGenius Records is a Record Label
SuperGenius Records is one of the first online record labels. We selectively sign artists to a fair contract that offers them a much better deal than the standard royalty-based contracts currently in use by major labels and many independent labels. We believe that artists should be compensated for their work.

SuperGenius Records is an Online Distributor
SuperGenius Records is also an Online Retail Store. SuperGrecords.com offers our Artists' music for sale along with other Labels' music at competetive prices. At the Artist's choosing, we offer production and distribution in many forms: CD sales, MP3 sales, Compilations, Radio, Soundtrack licensing and other opportunities.




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