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Electronic, Dance, House, Techno, Electro

Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chill Out, Lounge, Abstract Beats

Ambient, New Composers, Soundtracks, Drone, Loops, Atmospheric
Experimental, Noise
Trance, PsyTrance
Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, 2-Step

Indie Rock, Electroclash, 80s, Alternative, Punk

Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock
Psychedelic, Post Rock, Space Rock,  Shoegazer, Krautrock,70s, Prog Rock, Math Rock, Art Rock





La Folie
Buy CD! Buy CD: $14.99 Buy MP3 Album Download MP3 Album: $10.99 Play Music Preview Music [send as ringtone] Get Ringtones
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LIN Download MP3 Free Preview Song Communion People
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Lawn Cocktail
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Are You Feelin' This
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Crowd Non Pleasers
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Sophie's Choice
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Sellout Song
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Brothel Cholera Bugs
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Party Frenzy
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song State of the Art
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song A Different Clasp
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song La Folie
Download MP3 $.99 Preview Song Communion People Remix


Get ready - LIN's electropop whirlwind can drive you wild - the insightful, upbeat lyrics of MC UBQT and the haunting allure of female vocalist June offer a get-up-and-move album. A six member band from Italy that features a mix of hip-hop and electronica, guitars, keyboards and computers, LIN's twilight visions and deft mixes deliver a soul-quaking experience!

Genre: Electronic, Dance
Sounds Like: Sneaker Pimps, Fatboy Slim, Garbage


Listen to LIN tracks from "La Folie"
  Genre: TripHop, Electronica
Buy CD: $14.99
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